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They say the best way to determine if a person has 'mettle' is to place some stress on them.... kind of like when you do a cardio heart check-up and they put you on that treadmill and turn the speed up etc.... Case in point.... I had a hell of a time with ems being slow, tracking all late and not showing....BUT I can say this.. DS Customer Service was SPOT ON!!!.. they 'held my hand' every step of the way.. provided me encouragement and positive feedback.... sure I would think with all their service. they could have easily said.. "Bug off Dude".. just one guy.... but they were polite, respectful and very helpful in tracking and keeping me posted.....I'd say you'll NEVER be disappointed in DS service...I no doubt 'stressed them out'.. but they remained calm, cool, professional .. overall a CLASS ACT. Products: PharmBol.....PharmSust 300 ..Pharmix1-- and Oxydrolone... packing superb, professional, neat and secure.... Just beginning usage... so far.. no PIP.... all great.. and looking forward to great results!! bss!.. you can't go wrong with them!!

I am deeply saddened by news of the death of Daniel Langdon Jones. Dan started the website back in 1995 and maintained in tirelessly for years. He started it on his own as an enthusiast, without my knowledge, and when i first encountered the site, the info on the exhaustive discography contained releases I didn’t even know about. I contacted him and became the “official” conduit of JG Thirlwell -related info on the internet, which I contributed to. He continued the run the site and we became good friends. We would correspond and talk on the phone regularly, and get together when we were in the same town. He traveled some distances to come to some of my shows. When I started the online Foetus shoppe, Dan also ran that for some years.

Steroid online shop forum

steroid online shop forum


steroid online shop forumsteroid online shop forumsteroid online shop forumsteroid online shop forumsteroid online shop forum