Stanozolol rwr 20ml

Manufacturer: Biochemical Veterinary Research Pty Ltd
Composition: Ethyloestrenol 15mg/4g
Actions: Aanabolic steroid with extremely high anabolic to androgenic index (relative to testosterone = 1, ethyloestrenol index is 19, stanozolol , nandrolone 4). Orally active steroid which enhances protein synthesis and diminshes urinary nitrogen excretion. Anti-catabolic effects, stimulation of appetite and haematopoiesis, and a positive effect on calcium, phosphorus and potassium metabolism occur when nutrition is adequate. Androgenic effects or gonadrotropic supression are unlikely at recommended dosages.
Dosage: 1 syringe graduation = 4 g. For Gonadal replacement, anticatabolic, appetite and haematopoietic indications: 4g/450kg horse daily. For repair indications: 8g/450kg horse daily.
Presentation: Paste (syringe): 60g

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Stanozolol rwr 20ml

stanozolol rwr 20ml


stanozolol rwr 20mlstanozolol rwr 20mlstanozolol rwr 20mlstanozolol rwr 20mlstanozolol rwr 20ml