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Yeah now I’m a little suspicious about Clif…….. I’ve liked him, I’ve even purchased a couple of his reports………..BUT I just got that feeling when a car salesman climbs all over you, or your local politician doing a neighborhood door-knock. Sorry, don’t wish to be disrespectful, but 2 months ago Clif was talking Gold at $60K (I think it was)- NOW it’s the very metal not be in out past 2 yrs. I just got a real bad feeling about this guy………. “Crypto’s are a store of wealth”…… are you kidding me?? There is ABSOLUTELY zero underlying value- ZERO!!!! Crypto’s is the last ditch effort from the elites to squeeze is last drops of blood from the stone before they kill the whole system.

There were some on this list that surprised the hell out of me like 50 cent and Jimmy Walker. There were others who didn’t surprise me because their lawn jockey bona fides are well known. What has to be said is that the currently regressive party, that Wilt and that female author supported isn’t the same party today. We have to remember that the republican party that will supported, created the Environmental Protection Agency and the modern regressives want to kill it. Another thing I noticed about the Negores on this list. They were all rich. They’re free to support who they want. What’s funny is that they support a political party that doesn’t give a damn about them. What really pi$$es me off about the Negro konservative is that they won’t call their masters out on anything that they do. Where was the Negro konservative when the various states in Jesusland, tried to implement various types of voter suppression schemes? What positive solutions to the supposed problems our community faces that they have suggested? Why are they cool with a political party that uses the most racist and negative images of Blacks to win elections? The good thing for me is that I don’t monitarily support any of them anyway

The point of Robert Kiyosaki’s writing is to motivate a person to invest in themselves to think differently than everyone else. Not one of his books promises anyone they will be rich. His books are not a get rich quick theme. He is a motivational speaker if you will. Regardless of his failed attempts, riches, fake real estate, whatever.. He basically exposes one thing so simple to everyone yet we are all blinded by it. We have no idea how to handle our money and when we do have money we put it towards useless things. For all the people who bash his books, are the same people who are either jealous of him, or are broke themselves and are bitter about it, and they think because hey this guy is rich because he sold books not because he made money in real estate, stocks, etc.. but hey he made MONEY regardless of how he did it, and its money you and me dont have.. So instead of sitting there bloging yourselves to stupidity, Read his books, read the next guys book, and the next guy and the guy after that.. absorb the knowledge and use to you damn advantage.. So some day some else can write about you and bitch that your a rich guy cause your a scam artist or all you did was sell books… Bottom line Money is Money.. As long as we have it then were happy. As long as you make it the legal way.. who cares how you earned it.

Shaz steroids shut down

shaz steroids shut down