Pacquiao does steroids

The benefits that an athlete retains from using anabolic steroids and certain other PEDs carry over for months. Anybody who knows anything about the way these drugs work knows that you don’t perform at your best when you’re actually on the drugs . You get maximum benefit after the use stops.  I can’t tell you what Floyd Mayweather is and isn’t doing. What he could be doing is this. The fight is over. First, he uses these drugs for tissue repair. Then he can stay on them until he announces his next fight, at which time he’s the one who decides when the next round of testing starts. And by the time testing starts, the drugs have cleared his system.

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Pacquiao does steroids

pacquiao does steroids


pacquiao does steroidspacquiao does steroidspacquiao does steroidspacquiao does steroidspacquiao does steroids