Medical effects of steroids

Al , I had an outbreak of Shingles 6/2013 , it developed into Post Herpetic Neuralgia above Left Eye going towards back of skull , left side , upper branch of Trigeminal Nerve T5 ( absolute HORROR ) to this day it is still active . Lyrica , Gabepentin merely ” confused ” the nerve cells from Pain at times but Side Effects were HORROR , falling down , aggressive , agitated abnormal behavior along with thoughts ( Lyrica in my opinion out to be ” pulled ” ) avoid that one if possible I weaned myself off it slowly ( back to ” normal ” Thank God ) , as for POTATOES and Tomato Sauce , Bread Crumbs ( they in some cases contain POTATO STARCH ) . Last night’s supper was 1 flounder Filet Broiled w/ Garlic powder along with Bread crumbs & a bit of Margarine on top , along w/ 3 steamed veggies and the ” Deadly Potato ” , woke @ 2 . & 3:30 to remove ice bag ( nerve soother ) , that was 2 times in a row POTATO caused Horrible Nights , I just threw them in the garbage , I’ll stick w/ my Yams / Rice and Green Tea .

Q. What is asperger`s syndrome? what is asperger`s syndrome and how is it linked to Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)? A. Let me make it clear that PDD and ASD are same and autism is one of its types. Other types of PDD or ASD are asperger`s syndrome, Childhood disintegrative disorder, Rett's syndrome, Pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDDNOS). They all have almost similar symptoms with some major differences so they are named differently. Like in asperger`s syndrome, it’s a milder form of autism. Here a child gets obsessive for one thing and excels in it to a good level as they don’t have delay in language and cognitive development. They do face problems in social interaction.

Medical effects of steroids

medical effects of steroids


medical effects of steroidsmedical effects of steroidsmedical effects of steroidsmedical effects of steroidsmedical effects of steroids