Hmg on steroid cycle

Although HMG is relatively new to the steroid community there are already misconceptions surrounding its use.  People fail to realize that recommended dosages in the enclosed literature are for the original purpose of drug – that of a fertility stimulant in women.  For men’s purposes, a much lower dose is needed.   A single shot of 75 .’s may be all that’s necessary.  You can even try spitting that up into two half shots over two days. Using more, will not “do more.”   It will not elevate T higher, or give you bigger balls so don’t even think about it.

Don111 wrote:
I'm in the same situation as you. I have all the hormones OK (including: Testosterone, T3, T4, TSH, prolactine, LH, FSH, estrogene, progesterone,DHEA, glucose, HDL/LDT etc) but no libido after deca cycle. I finished deca cylce about 6 years ! ago, but since this time my libido has disappeared. I did deca only cycle with no test and unfortunately no PCT. That was my mistake and the mistake of the person that recommended this cycle to me.
I tried: Tribulus, ZMA, ariginine, taurine, ginseng, viagra, also the new 8 weeks cycle (test + proviron + winstrol + good pct). No long term effects. I only managed to increase my libido for the short period, and after that it slumped.

Hmg on steroid cycle

hmg on steroid cycle


hmg on steroid cyclehmg on steroid cyclehmg on steroid cyclehmg on steroid cyclehmg on steroid cycle