Glute steroid injection spot

Just diagnosed with a glutenal muscle tear with scar tissue but also told of piriformis involvement by my physical therapist, have excruciating sciatic pain from hip to ankle. Lots of up and down stairs and ladders (I moved from a second floor apartment to newly renovated house 2 stories, with lots of painting to be done) precipitated the injury. I have had a s. muscle injection via a tens type machine, nerve block, and am taking baclofen–muscle relaxant to relax the muscle on the sciatic nerve, and Celebrex for pain. Told to rest but can be on my feet standing, sitting is painful but need to get back at it for my work mostly on computer. Will have an acupuncture treatment for the pain before another round with the physical therapist. Interested in your response to above, how long for healing? what should I do, not do? Sitting? standing? walking? cannot even think about running until this pain abates, 12 on a 10 scale…have been resting in bed for two days since I found out the prognosis, have finally gotten sleep as relaxant makes me drowsy, sitting only on high cushion for meals, toileting has been very painful even with high toilet. I will share this website with my physical therapist as it has the most up to date information I have found on the web, THANK YOU

First things first. Sterility. Only use new pins and do not share, do not let the pins make contact with anything that may be hazardous by keeping the plastic covering on when not being used, use substances which you are sure are legit, reputable, and are sterile, wash hands thoroughly before any procedures, inject in a clean sterile environment, and make sure the injection site is cleaned with antibacterial agents before and after administration. It’s easy to just skip this paragraph or become lazy over time, thinking that you will be fine. If you want to reduce your risk of infections (which can be very painful and put you out of training for a while), then always think about sterility before and after administration. Be smart.

I have been suffering from glut. med. pain for over 30 years and one time I was diagnosed by ultrasound imaging of having glut. med. tendinopathy. Running has been difficult. I read this article in 2013 with interest, and it was of great help. Including massage by a professional therapist twice monthly with emphasis on the hips and exercises as described in this link http:///gluteus- I now do 100 km per month without much hip problems. In fact, nowadays I experience other issues, such as beginning compartment syndrome etc. The amount of suffering seems constant! :=)
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Glute steroid injection spot

glute steroid injection spot


glute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spotglute steroid injection spot