Drinking once a week on steroids

There are no guarantees that anything will protect the liver from too much alcohol. Liver damage from heavy drinking happens in stages. Some relatively mild damage may happen after a single binge drinking episode, but this reverses itself if the heavy drinking stops. If heavy drinking continues, however, liver damage can progress through several more advanced stages, and repair becomes much more difficult, if not impossible. When the damage goes as far as cirrhosis, the only treatment is liver transplant. The best way to protect your liver’s health is by staying within the low-risk drinking limits or -- if you already have liver damage or any signs of an alcohol problem -- by quitting. Also, it’s best if people who drink avoid acetaminophen (found in Tylenol® and other medications). Even the standard recommended dose of acetaminophen can increase the risk of liver damage, particularly among people who drink heavily. For more information, see this report on alcohol-related liver disease and this advisory on acetaminophen and liver injury .

But with alcohol, the line between "moderate use" and "dangerous use" can be a thin one. A recent study quantified the risk of death associated with the use of a variety of common recreational drugs. They found that at the level of individual use, alcohol was the deadliest substance, followed by heroin and cocaine. The reason? The ratio between a toxic dose and a typical dose is extremely narrow with alcohol. If you're happily buzzed at say, three drinks, three more might make you sick, and three after that may put you in alcohol poisoning territory.

I’ve read quite a few of your articles this morning and they are so informative! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and also providing links to your preference of products to those of us who are still learning. It’s hard to know out there which label is best for which product so your research and application and knowledge is so helpful. I am going to try some fennel seeds for my GERD and IBS as I’ve not found any other natural remedy to work for me yet and have recently been put back on a prescription med (yikes!). Hope this enables me to come off of that and soon! Also, a friend and I seriously need to get our sugars down and I need to kick the coffee habit so I was looking for cola and coffee alternatives and found your articles on those so I’m going to try those as well. While I wanted to give you this feedback of gratitude, I also had 2 specific questions for you: (1) what is the sugar content in the super fruit concentrates? Is that just from the fruit itself and therefore okay for what we are trying to do? (2) one of your articles mentioned a product that had alcohol in it (around 13%) which concerns me but I can’t find that now. Do you know what I’m referring to?

Drinking once a week on steroids

drinking once a week on steroids


drinking once a week on steroidsdrinking once a week on steroidsdrinking once a week on steroidsdrinking once a week on steroidsdrinking once a week on steroids