Define topical steroids

Hello, My name is kayla and i am 17 years old. I have had eczema ever since i was a baby, my doctors prescribed topical steroid lotion when i was around 9 months old. I have it head to toe and I don’t use my lotion most of the time, yeah it helps using it, but i don’t like to. It has thinned my skin severely and now i have painful stretchmarks on my thighs because of the steroids. You have it more sever than i do, and frankly i find it inspiring that you found a way to combat this, because it means i can. I want to talk to other eczema people out there. Thank you, have a nice day

The best result is obtained when the correct strength is matched with a specific diagnosis and anatomic location. Essentially, weaker topical steroids are utilized for thin-skinned and sensitive areas, especially areas under occlusion (armpit, groin, buttock crease, breast folds). Weaker steroids are used on the face, eyelids, diaper area, perianal skin, and intertrigo of the groin or body folds. Moderate steroids are used for atopic dermatitis, nummular eczema, asteatotic dermatitis, lichen sclerosis et atrophicus of the vulva, scabies (after scabiecide), severe dermatitis. Strong steroids are used for psoriasis, lichen planus, discoid lupus, chapped feet, lichen simplex chronicus, severe poison ivy, alopecia areata, nummular eczema, and severe atopic dermatitis in adults. [ 3 ]

Define topical steroids

define topical steroids


define topical steroidsdefine topical steroidsdefine topical steroidsdefine topical steroidsdefine topical steroids