Chestbrah admits to steroids

So it turns out that Cognac wasn’t everything I imagined it to be. In fact it tasted pretty sh*thouse really. How the hell do they drink that crap so easily on TV?! Wasting nearly $15 on a glass of Cognac that we barely had two sips of out was soon forgotten when we found a $50 note on the floor next to some unsuspecting hipsters.  It was a cool club and fun place to visit but not somewhere that I (we) would want to spend any longer than the 30 or so minutes that we did.   MS and I finished off the night with a Cadbury Marvellous chocolate bar from the 7/11, a stroll back to the apartment and then me becoming good friends with the toilet bowl. White wine + cognac + tequila + chocolate = me being sick.  That and I’m a lightweight on the turps.  Oops.  Happy Birthday baby!

Pot has an image problem. For starters it is illegal. Most people that use pot smoke it, and that provides a direct link to cigarettes. Which are collectively viewed as an "evil" thing now.
People will debate until they are blue in the face about the damaging health consequences of consuming pot. If you don't smoke it, you eat it in food or vapourise it. There are ways to minimise the harmful methods of use.
Now compare it to alcohol. All of the "health" reasons people spruik about pot are mute compared to the effect alcohol has on the body. So let's pretend they are even with regards to damaging your health.
The social impact that alcohol has on the community and within families is impossible to calculate. Alcohol fuelled violence is not just abhorrent but totally unnecessary. Sexual assaults, motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence and alcohol are inextricable. Nobody can deny these truths.
The powers that be need to wise up. In a user pays world, tax on pot would be enormous, and so it should be. Now think, even if nobody starting using pot because it was legal but half of existing users started buying legally, the tax benefits would be enormous.
I'm not for a second suggesting that it would be without it's problems. But because it's illegal now, does it mean that those problems don't already exist?
There is a lot more to this debate than "smoking weed is bad".
Disclaimer, I am not and have never been a user of Marijuana, and I responsibly enjoy alcohol at home. In good company.

Chestbrah admits to steroids

chestbrah admits to steroids


chestbrah admits to steroidschestbrah admits to steroids