Bulldog lab steroids

I am a French Bulldog enthusiast and an all-around animal lover. I work as a freelance web developer for lots of important people. I also am a full-time full stack web developer for the University of Kentucky. I spend my spare time tinkering with hardware in my office, playing with my beloved French Bulldogs, Auggie, Lottie, The Beef, Matilda, Norman, and their brother Ted Stanley Bear (not a frenchie). My wife and I run this website because we have a deep-seeded affinity and compassion for French Bulldogs and want to help people understand the nuances and care required to own a breed as rare and delicate as French Bulldogs.

Our 4 yr old male has been on it as well for ear infections that won't go away. I don't like it at all. We cleaned up pee for weeks! I think he was on it for 7 days twice a day, then another 7 days once a day, then every other day for about another 7 days. I have faith in our vet, but I don't think we would put him on it again. That sounds like an especially long time. Our biggest problem with the med is that it makes him drink ALOT and in turn, pee ALOT! He is fully trained, but he peeed all over, all the time. He could stand at the door, pee and then bark. If he put him on it through the allergy season, why not trim the time of the med and then give benadryl instead. Good luck!

Bulldog lab steroids

bulldog lab steroids


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