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The topography of the Moon has been measured with laser altimetry and stereo image analysis . [47] Its most visible topographic feature is the giant far-side South Pole–Aitken basin , some 2,240 km (1,390 mi) in diameter, the largest crater on the Moon and the second-largest confirmed impact crater in the Solar System . [48] [49] At 13 km ( mi) deep, its floor is the lowest point on the surface of the Moon. [48] [50] The highest elevations of the Moon's surface are located directly to the northeast, and it has been suggested might have been thickened by the oblique formation impact of the South Pole–Aitken basin. [51] Other large impact basins, such as Imbrium , Serenitatis , Crisium , Smythii , and Orientale , also possess regionally low elevations and elevated rims. [48] The far side of the lunar surface is on average about  km ( mi) higher than that of the near side. [1]

Back on Yavin 4, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were both awarded medals by Organa, while Chewbacca howled in delight during the ceremony . [3] The time for celebration was soon over, for Organa asked the Rebels to take a moment of silence to honor and remember all those who had died when Alderaan was destroyed, whereas General Dodonna announced their need to evacuate Yavin since the Empire was aware of their location. [18] Chewbacca would be also awarded a medal, [11] [12] and shared a moment of banter between Organa and Solo, just before they parted ways. [18]

A friend of mine in Australia, and I, took a picture of the Big Dipper on the same night (June 2017). Near summer twilight was interfering with me which is why my photo was brighter and blue, while late fall allowed my friend to take his photo soon after sunset. Because of the curvature of the Earth, springtime (or late fall for my friend in this case) is the only time the Big Dipper can be seen in Australia. Of course, in the northern hemisphere, the dipper can be seem all night long, all year long, because it is circumpolar . And, of course, the north star (Polaris) cannot be seen in Australia.

Before and after moon face steroids

before and after moon face steroids


before and after moon face steroidsbefore and after moon face steroidsbefore and after moon face steroidsbefore and after moon face steroidsbefore and after moon face steroids