Anabolic cookbook protein bars

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Try Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cookbook if you want to gain muscle but are just so bored with the usual boiled chicken and broccoli…
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A note on beef protein powder : A lot of people who are intolerant to dairy-based or dairy-derived protein powders consume beef protein powder. Its amino acid profile is excellent and some have argued it to be superior all other protein powders – including whey – in the context of its anabolic ‘muscle building’ properties. “Yeah, yeah, yeah…” you may be thinking, “but how does it actually TASTE? because the idea of a flavored beef powder sounds a bit… I won’t say nasty but… nasty!” To this I’d say you’re wrong. It actually tastes really nice! It’s not at all beefy or meaty in flavor and both the vanilla and chocolate versions are delicious! This all being said, I’m not a regular consumer of beef protein powder for two reasons: 1) I don’t like the extra ingredients added to it and b) I don’t think beef protein powder is a sustainable source of protein powder. I know I don’t talk about sustainability a lot in this blog but it’s something that I am very conscious of and take into consideration when choosing the ingredients I puchase and consequently eat. I’ll write more about this on a future post ;-)

Anabolic cookbook protein bars

anabolic cookbook protein bars


anabolic cookbook protein barsanabolic cookbook protein barsanabolic cookbook protein barsanabolic cookbook protein barsanabolic cookbook protein bars