Alliance healthcare steroids

Alliance Integrated Medical Solution (AIMS) is the complete all-in-one corporate health solution in Singapore designed to help you and your companies enhance your employee's health and well-being, increasing your company's productivity and competitiveness.

Supported by our proprietary Electronic Health Management System (e-HMS), this cutting-edge solution combines Panel Outpatient Services , Medical Claims Administration , Workplace Health Promotion , and Employee-centric Care .

Anchored by Stanford Health Care and the Stanford School of Medicine, University HealthCare Alliance (UHA) is dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical excellence in order to ensure access for Bay Area patients to leading providers, while contributing to Stanford University’s well-respected Stanford Hospital and Clinics’ transformation into a broader and more integrated regional health system. Together, UHA and Stanford are pioneering new ways to practice medicine across multiple locations, using Stanford’s advanced resources to create seamless continuity of care for every patient.

Alliance healthcare steroids

alliance healthcare steroids


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